The IWC held in November in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was the launch of an annual event that is to be held by Arabica Coffee Magazine and partners. The event included a workshop and subsequent 3-day exhibition that showcased local and international coffee cultures. 
The workshop which featured 6 speakers was an introduction to the journey of coffee and the experiences of several experts in the industry. The exhibition featured coffee economics, culture and science in addition to 32 artpieces by an international artist displayed on canvas, and display of 16 antiques. With the promise of great coffee, it attracted 439 attendees to which 1036 coffee cups were served. The variations of delicious coffee to be had included Arabian (Queshir), Americano, Cold Brew, Ethiopian, Italian, Turkish and Espresso coffee.

Arabica Coffee Magazine and partners are delighted to invite you to the coming version of the IWC in October 2016. For more information please contact us at:

International Week of Coffee 2016

International Week of Coffee 2016

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