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International Week of Coffee

For the third time Call of Culture and partners are planning to conduct a series of activities celebrating Coffee local and international culture and promote the different use of coffee in modern ways.Type your paragraph here.

Theme: International Coffee Week III
Day: 25-28th October 2017  
City: Jeddah
Location: The Boulevard – King Abdul Aziz’s Road
Expected Crowd: 3000 Coffee Lover.
Duration: 4 Days

For more information and participation please email us at or call +966-56-594-0303

Tickets are available at All Virgin Mega Stores in Saudi Arabia.

IWC is sponsored by The General Entertainment Authority. 

The IWC 2017 will offer the chance to learn more about coffee and take your knowledge back-home with you. A certified Coffee Q-Grader will offer a course on: 

-Coffee Beans selection
-Machines and servings
-Coffee Methods
-Café design and atmosphere. 

Seats are available for 40 attendees.